Chicago Royal Airs Membership Information

Who are the Chicago Royal Airs?

The Chicago Royal Airs Senior Exhibition Drum and Bugle Corps was formed just prior to the 2002 season as a tribute to Sie Lurye who was being inducted into DCI's Legends Hall of Fame. The corps continued in 2003 per a request from Colonel Truman Crawford who, unfortunately, died before the start of that season. The 2004 corps aspired to the goal of "What if the original junior corps continued beyond 1968?" The 2005 season continues the theme.

Who Can Join

Membership into the corps, the "Big Blue", is open to any individual that has the enthusiasm, energy, and, most importantly, the time to commit to a rigorous schedule. The minimum age is 18, but exceptions can be approved by the Board of Directors. While most members have prior performing experience with a high school, college, or community band or with a junior or senior drum and bugle corps, past experience is not a requirement. An audition is not required, however, the potential member will need to demonstrate skills in their area.

Rehearsal Schedule

The Royal Airs start rehearsals in October. Full corps camps are generally conducted on the third weekend of the month. Camp is held on both Saturday and Sunday. The Sunday rehearsal ends in the early afternoon. With the start of the season, the normal camp schedule continues but supplemental rehearsals may be called. Camp dates and locations are posted on the Home Page.

Brass and percussion sectionals are held weekly during the year. Although they are not mandatory, Chicagoland residents are encouraged to attend. Sectional dates are posted on the Home Page.  Sectionals are held at the corps' VFW sponsor, the Villa Park VFW Post 2801. The Post is located at 39 E. St. Charles Rd, Villa Park, IL. Phone 630-834-8191.

Financial Obligation

An annual assessment is announced at the corps' annual Open House. Additional expenses are required for hotel lodging and transportation. Members are responsible for their own transportation.

Equipment and Uniforms

Horns, drums, flags, and rifles are provided by the corps. Players who own their own horn are encouraged to use them. Percussionists are also responsible for purchasing their sticks.

Uniforms are purchased by the member. White shoes (or boots), white socks and white gloves are also purchased by the member. A garment bag must be used when transporting the uniform. Cleaning and pressing are the responsibility of the member.

Performance Responsibilities

The majority of the performances made by the Big Blue are in the Midwest. Travel to the site of the exhibition is the responsibility of the member. Buses may be chartered for trips to the East coast, members wishing to take advantage of that service will be charged.

Members are expected to participate in all performances that the corps has scheduled. In addition to exhibitions at DCA, DCI, and DCM contests, the corps also participates in parades and concerts.

Preparedness to perform is key to the continuing success of the Chicago Royal Airs. Individual members are expected to practice at home in addition to corps rehearsals.

Signing Up

Ready to sign up?

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